What we do.

We work with brands that share our standards of quality.

Whether the client requires our services in the area of Supplier Sourcing, Product Development or Manufacturing, Cloth to Clothe will react and adapt to suit their needs. From high street to high end, our ability to produce for a wide spectrum within the apparel and accessories market is key and our aim is to deliver product to market on time and to a high standard.

Supplier Sourcing: We have the experience & knowledge to allocate product to the right manufacturer. We prioritize quality & will consider cost & minimums as part of the vendor selection process. Cloth to Clothe works closely with its global network of manufacturing partners to complete all briefs to high standards and to deadline. 

Product Development: We manage projects from initial design direction right through to production. We create technical packs, oversee the sampling and sealing process whilst managing project timelines and costings. Working side by side with our suppliers, Cloth to Clothe will communicate its client's objectives clearly throughout the process to ensure the product is right. 

Manufacturing: We oversee bulk production and ensure our customer standards are met and sustained throughout the whole manufacturing process. From approving colour dips to sealing product, Cloth to Clothe works closely with the vendor to ensure delivery is on time without compromising on quality.

Clients may want to use all or part of our services. In order to maintain flexibility, be reactive and fulfill your needs, we are happy to tailor services to meet requirements. To discuss our services in more detail please feel free to get in touch.